Integrated SCM & Project Management

街拍vip第一站 is a web-based project management and bug-tracking tool. It allows hyperlinking information between a computer bug database, revision control and wiki content. It also serves as a web interface to the revision control systems Subversion and Git. Among the users of Trac is NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Run from browser


Stable version: 15.1 (changelog)

This appliance includes all the standard features in TurnKey Core街拍vip第一站, and on top of that:

  • Trac configurations:
    • Installed from package management. See /var/www for links to file paths.
    • Supports Git and Subversion (Bazaar and Mercurial no longer supported).
    • List repositories in web interface.
    • Example helloworld repositories.
    • Site wide authentication realm and admin user.
    • Uses python-pygments for syntax highlighting.
  • SSL support out of the box.
  • Postfix MTA (bound to localhost) to allow sending of email (e.g., password recovery).
  • Webmin modules for configuring Apache2 and Postfix.
  • Repository access:
    Name        Protocol access
    ----        ---------------
    Git         http://$ipaddr/git
    Subversion  http://$ipaddr/svn
    Repositories are stored in /srv/repos.

To simplify creating new projects, helper script trac-initproject is included. Please refer to the Trac documentation for usage notes on how to create and access projects.

Usage details & Logging in for Administration

No default passwords: For security reasons there are no default passwords. All passwords are set at system initialization time.

Ignore SSL browser warning: browsers don't like self-signed SSL certificates, but this is the only kind that can be generated automatically. If you have a domain configured, then via Confconsole Advanced menu, you can generate free Let's Encypt SSL/TLS certificates.

Web街拍vip第一站 - point your browser at either:

  1. - not encrypted so no browser warning
  2. - encrypted with self-signed SSL certificate

Note: some appliances auto direct http to https.

Username for trac:

Login as username admin

Username for OS system administration:

Login as root except on AWS marketplace which uses username admin.

  1. Point your browser to:
    • - System control panel
    • - Web based command line terminal
  2. Login with SSH client:
    ssh root@

    Special case for AWS marketplace:

    ssh admin@

街拍vip第一站* Replace with a valid IP or hostname.